It seems like sexual boredom is a common occurrence these days. One of the most common causes of this issue is a lack of motivation. We have so many available options, but with no typical unifying theme, we get caught up in the nuances and details leaving us feeling lost in all the choices.

I’ve found that when this happens, it’s best to go back to basics. Getting back to what is really important to you can be a great way to get over this issue. Here are 7 ways to overcome boredom.

1. Make your partner a priority

Your partner and your sexuality are two separate things. You can still have a great time with someone else after you’ve already made your partner a priority. Know how to do better sex with a partner.

2. Take a break from one-night stands

One-night stands can be fun, but if all you want is the thrill of the moment, try doing it all over again. Give yourself at least 24 hours of recovery time between each encounter. This way, you’re much more likely to really get into it on the next go-round rather than being just another notch on someone’s bedpost that’s not even worth remembering anyway.

3. Let go of expectations

If you’re expecting fireworks, you’re going to be disappointed. You need to know that if you want fireworks, they will come–but not from your partner. When things feel hopeless and you think that something just isn’t working, it’s time to let go of those expectations.

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4. Give yourself time

When I was 24 years old, I had an encounter with a woman for the first time. I was immediately drawn to her and wanted to see where things went so badly that I didn’t make any plans for the next day. A week passed without me speaking to her again until she called me up at work one day and told me she wanted to get together again. It was just right.

5. Take action

The last thing you want to do is sit around feeling like you’re not doing anything. Do something! As soon as you feel a little bored with your partner, take action to make things happen. You can take a class, meet up with friends, call a girl on the phone–whatever it takes to get out of this rut you’re in and back into the game.

6. Realize that change is possible

Not all sexual encounters are created equal and there isn’t one magic bullet that will cure your sexual boredom–you have to reach for something new if the change is what you’re looking for.


And that’s all I’ve got for you today. Remember, true love is meant to be free. And it’s not going to get its hand forced by “me too” syndrome.

Trust me when I say that most things in life have meaning if we just take a minute to find it. The message of this story is one that we’re all supposed to learn very early in life: Your relationship with your parents isn’t perfect and there are going to be times when you feel rejected or unloved, but there will also be times when you can tell your parents how you really feel about them and the way they’ve been caring for you.


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